Hand History Lounge FAQ


 1)  Where do I go if I have a problem with my membership? 

-Always start by sending an email to us at handhistorylounge@gmail.com with your questions.  All emails will be answered daily.  

 2)  When are my hand histories most likely to be answered by a pro? 

-Posts will be answered at all different times, but the peak answering by the pros will be done from 2pm Pacific time until Midnight Pacific time 

 3)  How will I know if one if my posts gets picked to be featured in Andrew's Vlog? 

-Admin will contact you via the email you have on file 

 4)  Can I add my friends on Facebook to the group? 

-You can add them but unless they are paying members they won't be approved by the admins of the group.  We welcome all poker players but they must navigate here to www.bentonblakeman.com and choose a payment option for membership before being added to the group. 

 5) My friend wants to join.  Where should I send them? 

-Direct them to www.bentonblakeman.com to choose a plan and sign up.  If they have questions ask them to email handhistorylounge@gmail.com for more info.

 6)  Are there any referral bonuses for signing up my friends? 

-While we would LOVE to have all your friends join in the fun, currently we do not offer any referral bonuses. 

7) How do I cancel my membership?

-We sure would be sorry to see you leave, but we understand.  Simply email handhistorylounge@gmail.com with your email and Facebook username to cancel.  Your membership will be cancelled at the end of the current billing cycle.


-Post as many hands as you like 

-Post some Favorable chip stack pics along with a cool hand that helped you build that stack 

-Have fun 

-Be cordial 

-Be open minded to advice on hands not only from the pros but from other members as well 

-reply to others posts to help create the best learning environment possible


-Post pricing or membership questions in the group.  This clogs up the news feed and we want to keep it all about the hand histories.  Send any pricing/money/membership related questions or concerns to handhistorylounge@gmail.com.  

-Use vulgar language 

-Post non poker related questions 

-Post lewd or vulgar pictures 

-Make fun of members who played a hand in an Unfavorable manner 

-No Trolling!