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About Me

My name is Benton Blakeman and I am a poker professional from Las Vegas, Nevada.  I have been playing professionally for the last 13 years and am a regular in the 5/10 No Limit game at Bellagio.  I will be offering private poker lessons and poker life coaching to a limited number of students.  Lessons will be charged by the hour and will be done in person in Las Vegas or via Skype.  My coaching is theory based with additional emphasis on mixed strategies of incorporating exploitative lines when necessary to best increase my student's win rates.  My poker life coaching revolves around making proper bankroll decisions, managing expenses, and making the most of your time on and away from the tables.

What Next?

Prospective private coaching students should email me at for more info about my coaching services.  I will reply to your email with a questionnaire that will give me an idea of where you currently stand on the learning spectrum, what your goals in looking for lessons are, and some questions to give me an idea if we would be a good fit as student and teacher.

Testimonials and News

Benton has been part of my poker chat group for years.  I have played countless hours and hands at 5/10 NL with him and personally have sent him many hands to review.  He thinks about poker the way all good players should.  I highly recommend hiring Benton as your private coach.

-Andrew Neeme, Poker Professional and Youtube Poker Vlogger

Benton has been a close friend of mine for over 10 years.  When I run into a tough spot in the big games at Bellagio I always send Benton the hand history to see what he thinks and if he would have played it differently and why.  We have had some great hand discussions over the years.

-Joe Tehan, high stakes cash professional, WPT and NAPT Champion, over $4M in lifetime cashes

When I first turned 21 I met Benton and turned to him for coaching so I could transition from online play to live play.  He was instrumental in helping me make a smooth transition from online to live, then up the ladder from $1-$3 no limit to $10-$25 no limit.  I would highly recommend his services.

-Jay Kaplan, live cash game specialist

Benton has been coaching me for nearly ten years.  He does a good job in identifying my leaks and explains why they are mistakes and how to best fix them.  He has become a great friend and is always helping me to stay ahead of the curve.  

-Don M., local low limit  Las Vegas grinder

My Bio

2017 Pokernews Article about Benton!

Online Grind with Benton Blakeman

Hand History Lounge co-founder and Las Vegas based poker pro Benton Blakeman 4 tables no limit cash games on Nevada.  The stakes may be small but the coaching concepts are BIG!  Benton talks through various different hands and situations in the first installment of Online Grind.  

Calling Out with Andrew Neeme

Episode One of "Calling Out" with Andrew Neeme and Benton Blakeman.  Andrew and Benton call vlog watchers and review their hand history questions.

Episode Two of "Calling Out" with Andrew Neeme and Benton Blakeman.  Andrew and Benton call vlog watchers and review their hand history questions.

The Showdown Interview

Oldie but goodie!  Check out Benton on "The Showdown" with Jon Friedberg from 2011.  

Contact Benton

For private, one-on-one coaching inquiries, please email Benton at

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