About the Hand History Lounge


Thank you for your interest in the Hand History Lounge with Poker Pro/YouTube Vlogger Andrew Neeme and Las Vegas cash game pro Benton Blakeman. Please take a minute to read about the Hand History Lounge, then choose a plan by clicking one of the buttons below.  You'll be redirected to PayPal to checkout.


The goal of this group is to create a friendly learning environment similar to the chat group that Andrew and Benton are members of, and that Andrew speaks about in his vlogs. Here, members will be able to share THEIR OWN hand histories that both Andrew and Benton will look over and critique, just as they do in their own text group. Imagine playing a big pot and being unsure of whether you played the hand correctly or not. Wouldn't it be nice to text a higher limit winning player that hand and have them analyze YOUR HAND for you? Well now you can!  

The Hand History Lounge is just that--a place to get your questions answered by poker pros Andrew and Benton along with input from other passionate group members, a growing community of poker players who enjoy learning together, and a fun place to be social with other poker players.


Not only will you be getting your own personal hand histories answered by the pros, but once a month Andrew will personally select a hand history that a member posted in the group to discuss on his vlog! Not enough? OK, you'll get a personal shout out in the vlog too!  And on occasion great submissions may receive some swag from Andrew!  And members will be the first to know about special meet up games that Andrew and Benton put together for Lounge members only. 


Andrew stays extremely busy with his vlog and playing poker, and Benton plays 40-50 hours a week while still maintaining a family life with his wife and 6 year old son. When deciding what to charge, Andrew and Benton asked themselves a simple question: “How much would we pay a higher stakes winning reg to answer all our hand history questions in detail?” The truth is, a lot. Having someone to look at your own hands and not only tell you the best line to take, but explain the reason why in detail is extremely valuable. And so is Andrew and Benton's time. But they also want to build a community and give back to the game that they both love. So, there are two pricing options:  

MONTHLY- $40/mo 

YEARLY- $400/year  

*These prices are subject to change.  Yearly memberships will be grandfathered in at their current rate. Month to month memberships will adjust the pay period when new pricing takes effect.


Great! Just scroll down and choose a monthly or yearly membership through one of the provided links below! Once you make your payment you'll be redirected to a Thank You page where you'll be directed to click a link that will take you to the Hand History Lounge, a private Facebook group, where you will need to click the "Join Group" button.  You'll need a Facebook account to join the group.  Once you're approved by an admin and added to the group you're ready to go. Feel free to browse through hands that other members have posted or post your own that Andrew or Benton will answer within 24 hours!

We're Excited to Have You Join Us!

Thanks for taking the time to learn about our community and the unique learning experience it provides. We hope to see you in the Hand History Lounge soon!

- Benton Blakeman and Andrew Neeme